GJLG Summit Zimbabwe – Leadership

Date: April 16, 2012
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Duduzile Moyo Bulawayo City Council Voluntary Community Based Worker & councillor who has spearheaded the formation of Domestic Survivors Clubs. Has worked with various Women’s organisations and has an active role in seeing transformation of   in sex workers to other legal economic activities i.e income generating projects like low input gardening, candle making, poultry etc. in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Holly Dzuda Gweru City Council This leader has played an active role intrying to reduce GBV at both Local & national levels. Has been involved in the formulation of national gender policy,empowerment of marginalized groups, and advocacy in gender issues.
Portia Mushamire Makonde RDC Has influenced Gender issues through council & community meetings. Championed Gender issues through resource mobilization, spaerheading road maintenance progs & advocating for the opening of 2 clinics in her ward as well as influencing women to attend the Rural Women Assembly in Zimbabwe (RWAZ) meetings.
Mafirakufa Sibanda Kadoma City Council An HIV/AIDS counsellor who educates community members of all ages on GBV issues.Has started a poultry project to benefit the victims of GBV
Pinias Rabson Mushayavanhu Ruwa Town Council Peace- Building Project. He is helping other councils to manage conflicts between officials & councillors since this is a serious problem in Zimbabwe
Danisa Mujere Tongogara RDC Counsels   community members affected by GBV with the help of local based NGOs. She also educates them on the effects of GBV.
Enita Zinyemba Norton Town Council Advocates for the reduction in GBV through holding House to House campaigns on GBV, HIV/AIDS as well as lobbying council management to council to meet the affected parties.
Sister Moyo Gwanda RDC She is council Vice Chairperson who doubles up as the council’s GFP. She is actively involved in campaigning against GBV and moving the 16 Days mission at local & provincial levels.
Lettinah Nyoni Tongogara RDC This leader is a Behaviour Change facilitator who is also a member of the Red Cross Society who is actively invovled in encouraging behaviour change among youths, women & community members at large so as to curb GBV
Sheila Midzi Tongogara RDC Realised that poverty is a major contributor to GBV thus is encouraging families to embark on   drought resistant management programmes
Maybe Chinyongo Tongogara RDC She is Secretary for Tongogara AIDS Support group who is involved in support programmes for people living with HIV/AIDS. She is encouraging people to go for testing and to disclose their status.
Irene Nhloko Zibagwe RDC The councillor has managed to join hands with Padare going round the district together with Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth, the local authority, Ministry of Women Affairs sensitizing people about Gender & GBV issues.
Sithembile Ndhlovu Kadoma City Council Has gathered youths (girls) & started a pad-sewing project to help girls during their menstrual cycles. They also sell these for their income.

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Jardel says:

There was an interesting ‘letter to the ediotr’ in the Australian newspaper two days ago from a David price in Victoria if I may paraphrase some of it..”If Susan Tsvangirai’s death was NOT an accident, then would someone please pull the plug on Zimbabwe and put an end to this tyrant’s [Mugabe’s] pathetic charade once and for all?I am sick of reading about him and his miserable deeds. Rhodesia was once my home and I will cherish the memory always but I cannot keep holding her hand forever. RIP.”David’s comment reminded me of a book I read back in the seventies by John Gordon Davis called ‘Hold my Hand I’m Dying”The book was set in Rhodesia back then and was startingly prothetic about the way Rhodesia was heading and is now.Rather an apt title for Zimbabwe now in the hands of Robert Mugabe.Read your Getaway blog very moving

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