GJLG Summit Zimbabwe – Response

Date: April 11, 2012
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Owen Gwasira Chiredzi Town Council The council undertook a community GBV awareness programme to educate the, mainly targeting men & boys (though women are also included un the program) to spread knowledge on the effects of GBV. The council has come up with an action plan on which it will measure progress of the campaigns & other activities.
Clara Makwara Chitungwiza Municipality The Councillor has formed a social group Instant Truth & Justice Forum, which helps victims and perpetrators of GBV with counselling, conflict management (inheritance disputes) & a basis on which to seek legal assistance for victims of GBV.
Carolyn Ambasi Munjoma Chimanimani RDC With the help of Donor agencies, this councillor has overseen the construction of a school in her ward. This has led to the reduction of cases where school children had to travel long distances to school or stay away from home in an area where the children were susceptible to abuse and rife pregnancy cases to these children.
Annah Murigwa Makoni RDC Council has constructed a community centre where community members receive education on HIV/AIDS as well as counselling. There is a library at the centre that caters for the community which also serves as a knowledge base for the community.

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