Greenpeace warns of nuclear fiasco

Date: May 1, 2012
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Name of article: Greenpeace warns of nuclear fiasco

Name of journalist: Nadine ford Kritzinger

Name of publication: The New Age

Date: 16.04.2012

Country: Cape Town, South Africa

Theme: Climate change

Skills: Perspective

Genre: News

GEM classification: Gender blind

Greenpeace africa has warned South Africans to be wary of a repeat of the ‘arms deal fiasco’ if government goes ahead with plans to build a nuclear station.
The Minister of Energy responded that additional studies will be conducted for the environmental impact assessment (EIA) on the nuclear-1 power station. Greenpeace yesterday called for more transparency. The additional studies touch on the key areas of concern highlighted by civil society and include the impact on the marine, dune, heritage and cultural aspects of the preferred site.

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