Date: May 28, 2013
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Ezelle and Luke, Cape Town says:

By far the BEST conference venue in Jozi – will definitely come back! Thanks for an outstanding experience

Joellen Coryell,Texas says:

Beautiful! From the room, to the grounds, to the food, and especially the people…Thank you so much for a lovely respite in transit to Malawi!

Sisi Maqagi says:

This is indeed a beautiful peaceful place. The friendly and personal service makes it a peace one wants to come back to. You have not seen the last of me! Thanks!

Rose Shuttleworth says:

What an amazing place! The gardens full of beautiful trees, plants, flowers, birds and insects! This is just the place to recover from long travel.Rose Shuttleworth

Cassie says:

This makes everything so comlpetley painless.

Saeanna says:

My department hosted an evening seminar at the GL Cottages. We were not taken for granted. The room was neatly set up for the seminar. They served the finger supper on time. It was fresh and scrumptious. Again enough for everyone including vegetarians. They also served a variety of drinks. Thank you, we’ll definitely be back.

Linda and Don (Ireland) says:

Very happy we chose to stay here. This place is a beautiful oasis from the city. Thanks for a very pleasant stay.

Lynette Madekunye says:

The ambience here is great for thinking. The staff was very accommodating.

Pam Saxby says:

This was my second visit and it was great to be back in such beautiful, tranquil surroundings. For anyone needing a battery recharge and time to reflect, this is THE PLACE. Watching the sun set from the top of the ridge is a MUST! Thank you!

Helene Bailey says:

The most wonderful exprience I have ever had at a guesthouse.
Everything was just perfect.

Alma Kritzinger says:

It felt like home.

Vidonia George says:

Very friendly staff and the gardens are exquisite

T Majele says:

Beautiful gardens, the tranquility that is at GL Cottages is amazing comsidering you are in the heart of Johannesburg. The warmth and friendliness of the staff just made an already wonderful thatmuch more special.

Fiona Mwashita says:

Thank you for the hospitality

Tineke Wulffers says:

GL Cottages has a beautiful setting, delicious food, willing and friendly staff

Sarah Hunt says:

One of the most comfortable places I have visited and the delicious meals served completes the experience splendidly.

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