Habana scores the girl of his dreams

Date: January 1, 1970
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The article reports that Springbok player Bryan Habana proposed to his long time girlfriend.

This article may be used to:
  • raise discussion on creativity versus demeaning language in the media.
  • demonstrate how media includes personal details that add little value to the story
  • discuss sports reporting

Trainer’s notes
The article likens or rather reduces Habana’s fiancée to a game by using the term “score” with reference to her. The writer might argue that s/he used the term because Habana is a sports person and wanted to add a bit of creativity into the writing, however the popular connotation of the word makes it demeaning to her. The article infers that he has “won” rather than a mutual decision to marry.

The media intruded on Viljoen’s privacy by stating that she is virgin. Even if, as the article says, she is open about this an readily shows journalists her “purity” ring, this information does not add any value to the story and therefore it was not necessary. Though Viljoen is described as “independent and goal oriented’ with her own business and house. Habana’s accomplishments are given more prominence in the story, though this could be attributed to the fact that he is a celebrity.
 Discussion Questions
  • Is the use of the word “score” appropriate?
  • Discuss the need for balancing public interest and an individual’s right to privacy.
  • Many successful women’s accomplishments are often not given the coverage that they deserve by the media, can you state the likely reasons.
  • Why is virginity considered newsworthy for a woman.
 Training Exercises
  • Ask participants to re-write the article.
  • Review headlines in the newspaper for gender awareness, rewrite the ones thet could be improved.
 Other training resources
Ask participants to familiarise themselves with the Gender and media literacy tool kit available on https://www.genderlinks.org.za/page.php?p_id=46
Whose news, whose views: A Gender and Media Handbook for Southern Africa Media
Picture our Lives, Gender and Images in Southern Africa, Chapter three: Sex, Gender and Stereotypes
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