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Date: January 1, 1970
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This cartoon refers to a city council proposal to make Makokoba township into a historical site. It shows a caricature of a woman with particularly her bust and thighs emphasised.

The cartoon may be used to:
  • show subtle stereotypes in cartoons
  • show how women are portrayed in cartoons
  • show instances where women’s physical attributes are emphasised more than their brains and capabilities
  • show instances where women are portrayed in inferior positions and as if their main role is to please and entertain men.
 Training notes
Some previous research has shown that women who appear in the media are shown more for their physical make up more than their capabilities. While the trends are changing, the cartoon shows that this scenario has not completely changed. Although cartoons are intended to be caricatures, gender balance should also be shown even in cartoons. Cartoons are a good example where the media perpetuate stereotypes.
Discussion Questions:
  • Discuss the message being communicated by the cartoon.
  •  Discuss how women are portrayed in the cartoon?
  • Why are women’s physical attributes emphasised in the media?
  •  Why is the woman in the cartoon associated with shebeens?
  • Discuss how cartons can be used to show gender balance.
  • If positions were to be changed and if a picture of a man was used in place of the woman, would the cartoon have the same meaning and impact?
 Training Exercises
  • Ask participants to identify other cartoons that emphasise women’s physical attributes and discuss why this is so?
  • Ask participants to design gender sensitive cartoons.
 Other training resources
Picture our lives: Gender and images

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