Harare mini skirt march denounces harassment

Date: October 9, 2014
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Harare mini skirt march denounces harassment
Harare women embarked on a mini skirt march denouncing the harassment they face on daily basis because of what they wear. Although Zimbabwe is a democratic, multicultural and pluralistic society, some “conservatives” feel that women should not be allowed to wear some clothing because it is “unwomanly”, “unGodly” and women should never be seen in certain clothing because it tells of the kind of women they are .
It is clear that denying women a right to wear what they want in the name of “culture” , “religion”, or even “marital status” infringes upon their rights. The safety of women in public spaces also becomes a matter of concern. Should women therefore not be allowed to wear miniskirts, trousers and any other clothes that might be regarded as not right in the eyes of men? How safe are they to walk around if they choose to wear such clothes? If they wear it, who is going to guarantee their safety? Surely, women regardless of what they wear should be allowed the right of bodily integrity. There is no excuse for sexual harassment and violence against women. Read more…

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