Help for women who cant have babies_Sowetan

Date: August 2, 2010
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More and more women with fertility problems are using natural medicines to rectify the problem. Traditional healer and fertility specialist Thoko Msiza says over the past eight years, her fertility clinic in Yeoville, Johannesburg, has seen an increasing number of women who want to have children.

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10 thoughts on “Help for women who cant have babies_Sowetan”

Cynthia Andre says:

Hi I’ve been strugling,to have a baby.I try to go to different docters and different traditional healers no help.I lost a baby in 2013/08 15.The docter they find it no heart beat.They suggest to terminate the pragnancy,i give them go ahead.They gave me pills.I was 38 nw I’m 42.Since the day i had miscarriage i never had my periods back to normal.The docters they did test they never cme something conclusive,inflammation to my abdomen. Im desparate for help.Pls help I’m in Cape Town

Rev. Marreece Dean says:

You woke up this morning did you? A blessing from GOD! Not man! When we are loved by GOD and you are regardless if you think not, you are. Allow you to do anything you want to do! Now, have you turned and thanked HIM for loving you so much that HE DIED FOR OUR SINS? Now, tell HIM LORD, a child I want from you! GOD knows everything about us! Even know when it is granted, when it grows, what life it will live, and to you, “What will you teach the child in life?” To die or to live? Get in church and stay there(:(:(:

khabonina says:

Am khabonina mahlangu it’s been 10 years I try to concive but dololo I went to many gyno but they fail to help me they say am on premonoupose because my period is irregular period please I really need help my merriage is fall apart


Good evening Dr

I am staying in Eastern Cape I need your assistance on conceving been trying for many years,

Thank you

Puseletso says:

I’m 54 years old, with your help I can be able to conceive

Nelly Maboya says:

Dr please help me i have been trying to have a baby please send me you number and location please

Busisiwe says:

I need a baby

Busisiwe says:

Doc I’m 40 years now I don’t have a baby plz doc help me

Lesley-Ann says:

I just turned 40, I’ve been trying for 10 years, Dr please help

Khabonina says:

Hi ma 41 years old woman with one cute boy is 18 now.but now am strungle to get pregant i dont have child in my marriage i realy need your help ma marrige is fall apart its been years trying i went to Doctors Gynolist church traditional healer but noting heppen my worry now am getting older and period start to be irregular now please Help.your help will be appreciated

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