Human tracffiking on the rise

Date: June 29, 2011
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Name of the story:Human trafficking on the rise

Name of the journalist:Nteboheleng Maisa

Name of the publication:Informative

Date:31 May-06 June 2011


Theme:Gender violence,human trafficking



Gem classification:Gender aware

Maseru-Resent research shows that there is alarming increment in the cases of seduction,sale,slavery and trafficking in women and children for sexual exploitation in Southernn Africa.According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) South Africa ,in Lesotho,children from rural areas gravitate to Maseru to escape domestic violence,and the effects of HIV/AIDS.

As children in the streets,they are coerced or forcibly abducted by white men before taked across the border with the conset of   border officials to border towns and asparagus farms in the Eastern Free State.It is said that there they are held captive in private houses where they are sexually and sadistically assaulted over several days by small groups of men.

These children are finally returned to the border,or deposited on the streets of towns in the Eastern Free State to find their own way home.Children in the streets of Maseru are also trafficked by long distance truck drivers,who use them as sex slaves on their routes.

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