I didn’t intend to kill- killer cop

Date: January 1, 1970
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The article talks about a police officer who threatened to shoot his wife, whom he suspected of having an extra marital affair. In the process of threatening his wife with a gun, the husband accidentally killed his father in law, who was trying to protect his daughter. The story shows balanced reporting and fairness as both husband and wife are quoted and photographed.

This article may be used to:
1)      To talk about balanced sourcing
2)      To talk about journalistic objectivity, especially around controversial or inflammatory issues
Trainer’s notes
This article attempts to report on a case of domestic violence in a balanced way, talking to both the husband and the wife. In most cases the perpetrator, in this case the husband who killed the father-in-law, would have just been condemned and not talked to. Beyond talking to both parties, the journalist also published photos of both the husband and the wife. Most of the time only one person is photographed and made to appear either as a villain, the husband who killed, or a wronged victim, the wife accused of having an extra marital affair. This article reports both sides of the story equally and leaves the readers to form their own judgments.
Discussion Questions
1)      How is this report different from most reports of domestic abuse and violence?
2)      It appears from the article that this case is being taken fairly seriously. How would it have been treated if the father-in-law had not been shot or killed? If the man had shot his wife instead? If the man were not a member of the Zambian police force?
3)      Since the man is alleging that he did not mean to kill but to just threaten his wife, was his whole action justified? 
Training Exercises
1)      Conduct a poll with people on the street asking their opinion on the story. What do their answers tell you about society’s attitudes towards domestic violence?
2)      Activists would argue that it is the media’s responsibility to comment on gender violence in cases such as this, while many journalists would argue that it is their role to report on issues as objectively as they can, and not make any comment. Hold a debate, with one team arguing for journalistic objectivity, and the other arguing the media’s responsibility to promote social justice.
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