Idea of strategic fuel reserve is far fetched

Date: January 1, 1970
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The article is about the views of the leader of the opposition and energy economist Edith Nawakwi on the idea of a strategic fuel reserve in Zambia.

This article may be used in training to:
1. Show how mainstreaming gender in the media means beginning to see women as active participants in all spheres of life, as experts and opinion makers, as well as those affected by policies.  
Trainer’s notes
Use this article to draw out how a woman’s views are cited in her professional (not even political) right. The article is also balanced in that it quotes the energy permanent secretary. The story also lends itself to some discussion on the image used. Nawakwi is portrayed as a professional in the story and image, though it is unfortunate that in the image she is dipping into her handbag. A stronger image would have been one of her debating the point, or possibly a flashback to her time as energy minister, against a background and context of the country’s energy sources.
Discussion Questions
1. Use this article to prompt a discussion on how often women expert sources are used and why. Are there women sources that participants can think of who are seldom referred to? 
2. What can be done to get journalists to use more women sources (eg directories)
Links to Training Resources
Business Unusual fact sheets  Refer to fact sheet thirteen. 

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