IIFF 2012 to laud successful women – The Herald

Date: September 20, 2012
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Name: IIFF 2012 to laud successful women

Name of publication: The Herald

Name of Journalist: Ruth Butaumocho

Date: 24 August 2012

Country: Zimbabwe

Theme: Gender equality

Skills: Language; perspective

Genre: Analysis & Opinion

Gem classification: Gender aware

In the last five years, the world has witnessed the transformational ascendancy of women to take up top positions in business, politics and other areas of influence. While it is not yet clear whether the sudden ascendancy of women has largely been in recognition of their leadership capabilities, or affirmative policies to equate them to men, one thing the world can’t ignore is that women are on their way to the top. They are increasingly discarding the victim-mentality and taking up the ‘I can do it’ template. Unlike yesteryear, when women were happy with run-of-the mill posts like heading the mothers’ union, cookery clubs and being content in jotting down minutes at political caucuses, they are now gunning for the big positions.


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