Infertility haunts couples – The Sunday Mail

Date: September 7, 2012
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Name: Infertility haunts couples

Name of publication: The Sunday Mail

Name of Journalist: Brian Mutembedza

Date: 13 July 2012

Country: Zimbabwe

Theme: Culture & Tradition

Skills: Fairness, Perspective

Genre: In Depth & Analysis

Gem classification: Gender Aware

Ardent followers of local television dramas during the early 1990s will recall one titled, “I Need a Child”. Because of the pressure that the main character in the drama series experienced in her household after failing to bear a child, she was left with no choice but to employ desperate measures to try and bring peace in the marriage. She then went into an adulterous affair before getting pregnant, but the pregnancy turned to be her worst nightmare since her husband had discovered that he was the one with a problem. The husband was impotent. In most African cultures women are blamed for failing to bear children and usually suffer in silence because of stigmatisation. Bridget Nduna of Harare has been a church wanderer for the past five years, seeking a solution to her childlessness, without success. “I have consulted many traditional healers and prophets to no avail. I have decided now to settle in one church and hope that God will grant me grace and give me a child just like he did to Abraham in old age.



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