Is the new age man trying too hard

Date: January 1, 1970
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This article is about the pressures that men face as they strive to be the perfect employee, husband and father

This article may be used in training to:
Demonstrate how gender biases can lead to exaggeration, especially in the use of manipulated images.    
Trainer’s notes
This story is about research in the UK on men feeling that too many demands are being made on them. The article makes no attempt to place the issue in the local context, eg by interviewing men in South Africa, even though the image used appears to be one of a South African man. The image also gives every impression that it has been stage-managed. It would be nice to see more men in an apron, ironing and feeding the baby, but it all looks so overdone as to cast doubt on the authenticity of the image. No women are interviewed in the piece. This is the main reason for classifying it as gender blind, since the views of women would clearly be an important cross reference in such a story. 
Some training exercises
Do some snap interviews within the group or in the environs on how many men are trying to assist with housework; what they do; and the extent to which this is taking its toll on “men’s health” in whatever country you are in. Initiate a discussion on sharing the burden of care work and how this might be more successfully done.

Chapter nine: Making and taking images, Picture our lives, Gender and images in Southern Africa, a manual for trainers.

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