It’s hard to be a real man

Date: July 8, 2011
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Name of story : It’s hard to be a real man

Name of Journalist: Sipho Yanano

Name of Publication : Public Eye

Date : 04-10 July 2011

Country : Lesotho

Theme : Culture and Tradition

Skills : Perspective

Genre : Editorial/opinions

Gemclassification : Gender aware


As a new member of the male species, I sometimes wonder why my fellow beigns are found wanting when it comes to performing their paternal duties. I’ve made my own conclusion-it’s hard being a man and harder to be a good father.

If men were blessed with the instinct to automatically become good dads and loyal partners, the world would be full of happy kids and fulfilled mamas. But what is a real man? I’m not referring to a dictionary’s definition of a man. An adult person who is male. Ther eis nothing difficult about that. My idea of a real man is a male adult who is strong, focused, protective, resspectful and caring tohis family. A real man makes a good father.

Our perceptions of manhood and fatherhood are shaped by the role models in our lives-our fathers, uncles, male teachers and so on. Unfortunately, many a role model has done a shoddy.It’s hard for a boy to develop into a real man or a good father when he lacks influential role models in his life.

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