Julia Gillard becomes Australia’s first Prime Minister_mmegi

Date: July 30, 2010
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Name of article: Julia Gillard becomes Australia’s first female Prime Minister

Name of publication: Mmegi newspaper

Date: 25 June 2010

Country: Botswana

Skills: Fairness

Genre: News

Description of article:

Australia has its first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard after Kevin Rudd stepped down as Labour party leader, avoiding a ballot he was certain to loose. The 48 year old who came under attack in 198 when she entered parliament for being single and childless said it was also an important milestone for Australian women.

This article may be used to:

  • Challenge stereotypes, women like men are capable of being leaders
  • Empower women not to be passive in politics but to confidently participate

Trainer’s notes:

  • Even though the language is positive, there are words which can cause harm and make women fear and back down from such positions for fear of their privacy, words like single and childless.
  • The headline itself should be eye catching to any woman who is inspired by such caliber.
  • The comments said by her partner Tim Mathieson, a man are very encouraging, if all men could be as supportive as he is and believe in women leadership.

Discussion Questions:

  • What are some of the challenges faced by women in politics?
  • How is the best way to deal with stereotypes in politics?
  • What should the women in politics be prepared for?
  • What do women in politics do to achieve leadership positions?

Training Exercises:

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