Killer rapist on the run – The Voice

Date: September 7, 2012
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Name of article : Killer rapist on the run

Name of publication : The voice

Name of journalist : Chenjelani Baraedi

Date : 31 July 2012

Country: Botswana

Skills : Hard news

Theme : Gender violence, rape

Genre : News

Gem classification : Blatant stereotype

Description :

Police have launched an extensive manhunt for a Tutume who raped and stabbed a 30 year old woman to death last weekend.
The woman , who lived alone at Matombomashaba a cattle post , west of Tutume village died at Nyangabwe Referral Hospital Intensive Care Unit early this week. A neighbour who prefered not to be named told the voice in an interview that the woman was brutally attacked such as that her stomach was ripped open. “When we found the woman she could hardly speak probably she lost a lot of blood after the attack. Althogh no one saw the culprit,, people suspect a certain herd boy,” said the traumatised neighbour who reported the incident to the police after attending to the woman screams for help.

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