Law enforcement and counselling, Victim Support Unit, Zambia Police, Zambia

Date: June 4, 2010
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Miss B says:

I got in a very awkward relationship with a man. But every time i want to move on he threatens me and tells me i cant move on he has sacrificed alot. What should i do? i want to move on and I no longer want to be in this relationship

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Tell the man that you do not want to continue with him due to his behaviour and explain to about your right.

David says:

Am 19 years old I completed school in 2015 these were my results english~3 science~3 biology~4 civi edu~4 history~2 art~6 and unfortunately maths~9 now my complaint is my father has refused to sponsor my education saying am a bad person and now he wants to chase me out of the house please I need help so that my father can sponsor me to school cause this man is promising me suffering

KALIMA says:

My son has twins with a certain lady. My family and I wanted this lady to be married to my son and committed ourselves to all the required support from pregnancy to now. After paying for the damage.which was charged at K 10,000., We started getting ready for formal marriage arrangements but before the process started, she traveled to the house where my son stays and damaged property worth K 9,000 on immaterial arguments. This disturbed the process and marriage is no more promising as my son is no more interested. This woman blocked the phone for my son and yet she is the custodian of the children. An arrangement was discussed to be depositing children support funds into her account and to create evidence that the support is given my son was to be sending copies of the purpose for that money,an arrangement which unfortunately was rejected by her. My son decided to be sending the financial and material support to his children through me and now she is saying that i have imposed myself and am not supposed to be communicating with her. What are we going to be doing in order for us to be supporting our beloved grand children?

Gabriel says:

help me am taking My wife to school but the family to the opposite side they don’t want

Joshua says:

Am Joshua,aged 19.i had sex with someone two years. The girl pointed someone else as the father of the the child, after the child was born a few months later the man refused that it’s not is child. Then the girl decided to follow me saying that am the biological father of the child, let’s go we take a DNA test to prove and her family are putting pressure on me that I should take the responsibility instantly and now they are taking me to the Court because I am the biological father of the child and they can prove it through DNA test. Personally am refusing because I can’t just be forced, even if it happens that am the father at least i should have told now it has been two years. Please help me out in this problem, how do I resolve this

Lewis says:

My complaint is i worked for someone in 2019vut upto now he doesn’t want to pay me back..

Mike M says:

Good afternoon,my names are mike,I have a complaint am seekimg help from victim support unit.
My father works for ZESCO ,get paid well but unfortunately I haven’t gotten support from him since grade 9,i have done all kimds of piece works just to help myself with school finaces and am currently at the university (kwame Nkrumah University) in my fourth year .i should have completed my degree program already because i started in 2016 unfortunatly i dropped out till someone had to come in and help me but also stopped later when i was in second year hence I have accumulated a huge balance with the school.not only me but also my siblings are affected. My father has failed to support my sibling’s too.Including the youngest who is in grade 10 now who passed very well after the being helped but the sister from grade 7 to 9.Two of my siblings dropped out of school Due to lack of support yet the father works for ZESCO.I persisted with education because am determined and I value education thats why I did all I could to get in school which my siblings failed and dropped out in the scared for the youngest who suppose to start grade 10 cureemtly and no sign of support already is showing but Dad he’s in zesco.please help me and help my family.
I tried to contact victim support unit at the headquarters in Lusaka 3 years ago but I didn’t get help because my father he is in chipata.
Please help me and my family.
Direct me on how to go about it so that you help us …….
My contact 0974780166

C.K says:

Good evening, I am a final year student in college due to write my licensure exams in October, my father who happens to be my sponsor just don’t want to give me money yet he has more than enough, he works for FQM, in Kalumbila district under Kalumbila Minerals Limited as a permanent employ. My father recently just started giving me altitude and after persuading on why he can’t give me money, he said it’s because they argued or having differences with my mother. Honestly, I need direction on what to do, I have put in alot in my studies to drop out at this stage, I would rather die

Monica says:

My name is Monica,my complaint is that my husband is an abusive man ..he abuses me both physically.emotionally and mentally..he insults me a lot in front of my children and sometimes hits me so bad in the head..I’m tired and I really need your help.


please I need your help here. me and my wife we are on separation. we have 1 child who started staying with my sister when she was 1 year 8 months and now she is three years four months. my daughter goes to school. but because of our differences my wife went and took the child from my sister. I tried to beg her to let the child be until they close in April then they can go and get her she refused we went to victim support in kapiri they advised her the same thing she didn’t listen she said I will take her to school myself. now up-to now almost three weeks my daughter has not been taken to school. and I do not have money cause I already paid for this term in kapiri. please what can i do???? otherwise my daughter will lose track.


your positive response will be highly appreciated

Anonymous says:

I am in need of help. I am a married woman with 3 children. But I am not respected by my husband such that I am treated like a kid and even his family can insult me and he willbe there supporting them. The people who brings confusion between us are his relatives. I have tried to tell him that he should let us live with the children so that he can be with his relatives. He says I can not live him because he educated me with a Masters degree. He gets any woman he wants when I complain to the elder Sister, she tells me that its normal there are just his friends. Please help me I want to be free from this man and his family. Thank you.

Astone mulenga says:

My father is being an supportive to my mother since the time she got sick,what he has been doing,is just drinking alcohol everyday,he is not even concerned about mum’s sickness,how can you help us because it’s too much now,

Beatrice says:

I need help

Beatrice says:

A married man got me pregnant and now his refusing to support his child what legal steps can I take

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