Leaders Journal: Transformational Leadership in Africa

Date: February 6, 2012
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Leaders is a biannual journal, which aims to address the multiple complexities of feminist leadership in Africa in the 21st Century. At the close of the 20th Century, the continent of Africa witnessed systematic decline in its socioeconomic and political development. The upsurge in inter and intra state conflict, has led to unprecedented numbers of displaced people , in particular women and children. Life expectancy has been significantly reduced as a result of AIDS pandemic, which continues to ravage the continent of its human capital. Juxtaposed with the institutionalised racism of the global economic and political agencies, which continue to ensure African’s marginalised and plunder its resources, ia the corruption and bad governance, which characterises the leadership of most African countries. All of this means for the people of Africa, increased levels of poverty and its trappings; poor health and education development, insecurity, lack of infrastructure, environmental degradation, and the numerous manifestations of exploitations to name but a few.

ISBN: 1-901-989-044
Publisher: Akina Mama wa Afrika
Year of Publication: 2011

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