Lesbian in Nyanga stabbing attack – Cape Times

Date: August 8, 2011
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Name of story: Lesbian in Nyanga stabbing attack

Name of journalist: Zara Nicholson

Name of publication: Cape Times

Date: 13 July 2011

Country: South Africa

Theme: Gender violence, sexuality

Skills: Fairness

Genre: News

GEM classsification: Gender aware


After surviving a brutal stabbing on Friday night, a Nyanga lesbian says she is not afraid of homophobes in townships, adding that their hate “will come to an end” if more victims take action.

Nxolo Nkosana, 23, was walking home with her partner, Cindy, after 11pm when suddenly she heard a man shout, “Hey you f***ing lesbian, you tomboy.” She ignored the man at first, but turned around when he kept on hurling insults.


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