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Date: June 29, 2011
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Name of the story:Lesotho’s gender accolade

Name of the journalist:Mzimukhulu Sithetho

Name of the publication:Public Eye

Date:08 April 2011


Theme:Gender equality

Skills:Perspective,use of data


Gem classification:Gender aware

Lesotho has been showered   with accolades and received international acclaim for ensuring gender equality.This is phenomenal for a country that has a nasty history of gender disparities that have been excerbated by rigid cultural beliefs and practices.For Lesotho to have progressed so fast and counted among countries of the world in the race of gender-equality is beyond measure.

Lesotho was at number 8 in the global rankings of 134 countries in the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report for 2010.The country also came at number 1 out of 25 countries which make up the sub-saharan cluster.Seen from the  perspective of political will,it is not suprising that Lesotho has achieved this mark given the political commitment that has been shown towards bridging the gender gaps that have existed for decades.

Lesotho’s political  leaders have taken a bold step towards removing the gender disparities that have been existence for decades.This achievement affirms Lesotho ‘s commitment to achieving Millenium Development Goal Three- that of ensuring gender-equality.By putting gender on the agenda ,Lesotho scores high  on this MDG.

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