Malawi Barometer 2013: Chapter 3 Education and training

Date: November 27, 2013
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Key points

  • The SGDI score for gender and education of 90% places Malawi at number 11 in the region.
  • Citizens were more critical and gave their country a CSC score of 60%, which ranks the country 12th in the region.
  • Women have much lower literacy levels than men; only 57% of women know how to read and write compared to 74% of men.
  • There is free primary education.
  • Females make up 40% of all students at tertiary level mostly due to limited boarding facilities for female students and fewer female students gaining the required grades.
  • The University of Malawi has adopted an affirmative action policy stating that a minimum of 30% of places must go to female students.
  • The University of Malawi Act makes provision for loan schemes.
  • Women constitute 35% while men make up 65% of the teaching workforce.
  • Gender violence in schools continues to be a major concern.

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