Man tied up raped

Date: January 1, 1970
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The article is about a man who was tied up by two men and raped by one of them.

This article may be used to:
  • Challenge misconceptions – men can be raped as well.
  • Raise discussions about how media covers sexual assault.
  • As an example of writing that is gender aware, but also lacks depth.
  • To highlight the legal strides that have been made in as far as widening the definition of rape is concerned.
Trainer’s notes
The use of the word rape in reference to a man being sexually violated is not only laudable but it shows that the reporter is up to date with the laws of this country. Before the passing of the Sexual Offences Act the word rape was only used in reference to forced sexual intercourse with a woman, whereas forced sexual intercourse with a man was legally known as sodomy. The use of word sodomy trivialises the attack and it carried a lesser sentence than rape. The article may help to destigmatise rape, and might encourage women to come forward and report incidents of rape instead of being ashamed of themselves or feeling as if they ask for it or blaming themselves for being powerless to stop it. It shows that men too can be raped.
However, since the article is a short news piece, it lacks depth, and misses an opportunity to explore the issue of rape. It is good that the article sticks to the facts, yet at the same time, the article does not convey the trauma of the incident. The article could have paid tribute to him for having the guts for reporting that he had been raped, something few men do.
Discussion Questions
  • What value is added to the story by the use of the word rape in reference to male rape?
  • Discuss the Sexual Offences Act. What other clauses are contained in the Act? To what extent is the Act brought gender parity.
  • Were the legal and ethical guidelines on reporting on crimes of a sexual nature adhered to?
  • Can you cite any examples where perpetrators have gotten off lightly on charges of indecent assault because the law did not classify their actions as rape? 
Training Exercises
  • Research the legal definition of rape in various countries. Research statistics around male and female rape.
  • Write an in-depth commentary on the issue.

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