Mauritius Barometer 2013: Gender and climate change

Date: December 15, 2013
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Key points

  • Mauritius has a National Climate Change Adaptation Policy Framework.
  • Mauritius was subject to its first flash flood in 2013.
  • Shortage of water has been posing a problem to households especially vulnerable women.
  • Mauritius is signatory to international instruments on climate change.
  • Mauritius has achieved a target where all household are provided with water.
  • Mauritius has put in place key strategies to address climate change.
  • De-forestation legislation and enforcement is stringent.
  • Mauritius has a sectoral gender policy on climate.
  • Women’s participation in climate change decision- making is critical as women form the majority of energy users in Mauritius.
  • Inclusive national development is threatened by climate change effects.
  • Citizen participation is integral in formulating policies around climate change and environment management.
  • Many stakeholders are involved in sensitisation and climate change awareness campaigns, including the media.
  • Mauritius has a nationwide project for waste segregation and composting. Women are being trained in making cloth bags to be distributed to the community.

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