Meet Botswana’s brightest students of 2009_Midweek sun

Date: July 12, 2010
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Name of article: Meet Botswana’s brightest students of 2009

Name of publication: Midweek Sun

Date: 26 May 2010

Country: Botswana


Genre: News

Description of article:

The article is about the students who excelled in their Botswana General Certificate in Secondary Education examinations. This article shows six of the best in which both sexes are represented equally. There is fairness in approach to the issue in that all the six students are interviewed on the career path they want to take at tertiary.

This article may be used to:

· Illustrate gender balance of sources.

· Illustrate also fairness in approach to issue.

· To challenge stereotypes especially to those societies which still do not believe in educating the girl child

Trainer’s notes:

The article is well written using gender neutral language.

Discussion Questions:

· What is the general performance of both boys and girls in school?

· What are some of the factors students of both sexes look into when choosing a career?

· How can the educating of a girl child be improved in Botswana?

· Why should both girls and boys have the same education level?

· Who is responsible for making sure that both boys and girls have access to education?

Training Exercises:

· A follow up article on the courses they venture into and to monitor the performance of the students.

· Career fair workshops to help the students choose the right careers and to be actually counseled before they make a choice.

Other Training Resources:

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