NACP conducts AIDS workshop, The Citizen

Date: January 1, 1970
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The article concerns a workshop on voluntary testing and counseling by the National AIDS Control Programme.

This article can be used to:
1. Show how opportunities are often missed when it comes to reporting on HIV and AIDS.
2. Raise discussion about the responsibility of the media in covering HIV and AIDS, especially around testing.
3. Raise discussion on the gender aspects of HIV/AIDS and testing.

Trainer’s Notes
The article briefly describes a one day workshop for participants to inform them about the framework within which VCT takes place.  It is a singe source story, relying on a comment from a technical adviser.  The story misses an opportunity to locate the workshop within the context of VCT and the issues that arise from the provision of VCT.  The article fails to describe the VCT framework, so readers will not know how VCT is conducted.

Discussion Questions:
1. How could this article have been expanded ? What is the importance of keeping HIV and AIDS in the news ?
2. What information do health workers need to know about VCT and gender ?
3. What are the gender issues related to testing ?
Training exercises:
1. Interview a men and women living with HIV/AIDS and discuss how they were tested for HIV and what their experiences were – these can be compared to see what role gender plays. 
2. Develop a fact sheet for readers wishing to access VCT, based on the guidelines referred to in the article (or other relevant guidelines)  
3. Make a list of other sources that could be interviewed for the article, including health care workers, home based caregivers and AIDS service organisations.  
4. Acquire guidelines developed in your country on VCT. Are they gender sensitive ?

Links to Training Resources:  Gender and HIV/AIDS: A Training Manual for Southern African Media and Communicators, Gender Links and the AIDS Law Project, Chapter 4

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Comment on NACP conducts AIDS workshop, The Citizen

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