Ndirande Youth awarded for VCT, Malawi News

Date: January 1, 1970
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The article reports on an award won by a youth organization for encouraging youth to undergo VCT.

This article can be used to:
1. Start discussions about gender and HIV.
2. Show how a greater range of sources makes a stronger article.

3. Raise discussions around youth and HIV
Trainer’s Notes: The article is a good, positive one that unfortunately misses the opportunity to examine the gender dimensions of the HIV epidemic. It is one a single source story and does not represent the views of anyone who has accessed the services of the organisation.  In addition, the article fails to provide much context and data and it could have provided additional information on youth, HIV prevalence in the area and challenges that young people experience in gaining access to services.  The article should have provided gender disaggregated data and information concerning the different experiences of young women and men.                                                                  
Discussion Questions:
1. What are some of the gender dimension that could have bene raised in the article.
2. Read the GL Commentaries below, discuss the what issues raised in these peices apply to the article.
Training Exercises:
1. Trainees should rewrite the story using more than one source, and should pay particular attention to including the voices of youth, both those that have used the services of the organisation and those that have not.  Trainees should suggest appropriate images to illustrate the article.
2. Trainees could conduct a vox pop exercise to ascertain what views of young men and women about HIV testing. 
3. Trainees could also interview a young woman and a man who have undergone HIV testing and document their experiences – issues such as the reasons for undergoing the test, the impact of the test result and disclosure should be dealt with in the article.
Links to Training Resources: Gender and HIV/AIDS: A Training Manual for Southern African Media and Communicators, Gender Links and the AIDS Law Project, Chapter 11, www.genderlinks.org.za/docs/training/hiv-training-manual/hiv-ch11.pdf 
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