News from 16 Days of Activism 2015

Date: December 10, 2015
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Wednesday 25 November: International Day of no Violence Against Women

Searching my soul this Sixteen Days

Demanding zero tolerance for violence against women

Thursday 26 November: Safety in Schools

Bullying threatens safety in schools

Safety in schools, a walk down memory lane

Harmful cultural practices undermine girl’s education

Friday 27 November: Diverse Gender Identities

Where are diverse gender identities in the Sixteen day campaign?

Monday 30 November: The criminal justice system

The justice system is failing women

Tuesday 1 December: World Aids Day

Ending AIDS depends on ending violence against women and girls

Wednesday 2 December: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

My body, my choice

Thursday 3 December: International Day for the Disabled

Accessible spaces are vital for change

Finding disability in the 16 days of activism campaign

Friday 4 December
Pistorius’ conviction a victory for justice this Sixteen Days

Monday 7 December: Gender violence and the media

Media still missing the mark on GBV

Tuesday 8 December: Sexual harassment: Gender violence in the work place

Even the work place is not safe for women

Wednesday 9 December: Gender violence and IT

Revenge pornography – a new form of GBV?

Thursday 10 December: International Human Rights Day

Calling for inclusinve societies on Human Rights Day

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