News from the GL Cottages

News from the GL Cottages

Date: March 7, 2012
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GL Cottages introduced weekly freshly baked confectionery! We offer muffins, cakes (including birthday and special events cakes), desserts and a whole lot more!! We did a trial run of this and received very positive responses. Thank you to all who supported and we look forward to your continued support.

Colleagues based at headquarters are invited to place orders using the order form that will soon be circulated. We request that all orders be submitted by close of business on Thursdays every week, for delivery Friday afternoons. In line with our eco-friendly policy, please provide your own containers, so we can cut back on using disposable packaging that cannot be recycled. Please tell your family, friends and associates about the GL Cottages freshly baked confectionery.

So it’s not just confectionery we are busy with, GL Cottages will soon be opening a garden coffee bar and bar! We are busy renovating the Pool’s View pool area in preparation for this. The pool has be covered and we are erecting a shade over the pool to create a coffee bar and drinks area in the comfort of our lovely gardens. We expect that renovations will be completed by end of March, and from April 2012 we will open our coffee bar to the greater public. Again we look forward to hosting you and your families for tea, drinks, coffee, with our freshly baked confectionery.

So colleagues, big things are happening at the GL Cottages, and we look forward to your support. Bring your family and friends and allow us to treat you, while you sit back and relax.

Who know what’s next; may be you will soon be booking your massages with us! Watch this space!!

GL Cottages Team

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