Nugget shoe polish

Date: January 1, 1970
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The advertisement is about nugget shoe polish. It features about eight flashy men dressed in suits. The men are shown dancing and singing about their “blacknessÀ to a thrilled audience. There are no women featured on stage with the men.

This advertisement may be used to:
1. Demonstrate how women are often made invisible in adverts, even in products in which women have an equal interest to men.
Trainer’s notes
In the Mirror on the Media Advertising research conducted by GL neither male nor female audiences thought that the advert related to the product. The male audience felt that there was an exaggeration in the dancing of the men showing "blackness." The advert is gender blind because even though it is about a product that both men and women, boys and girls (particularly school going ones) use in their daily lives it features only men. There is no reason why women were excluded in the advert. Ironically it is mostly mothers who buy shoe polish for their children.
Discussion questions
1. How would you classify this advertisement?
2. Are women targeted in the advertisement?
3. How are men portrayed in this advertisement?
4. Who purchases products like shoe polish in the home?
5. How could the advert have been made more inclusive.
Training exercise
1. Have participants go through the newspaper/ magazines and cut out advertisements for different brands of the same product. Compare their strategies and the markets they seem to be trying to reach.

Additional training resources
Picture our Lives: Gender and Images in Southern Africa, Chapter three, p32, Archetype, or Stereotype?
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