Planet Earth SABC 3

Date: January 1, 1970
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In this advertisement a man tells his wife that he is in love with an animal. He says he likes his pet better because it does not moan and complain. The advert is about ‘Planet earth’ programme on SABC 3.

This advertisement may be used to:
1. Explore different types of blatant gender stereotypes.
2. Educate men to treat women with dignity.
3. Empower women to refuse to be demeaned in this way.
Trainer’s notes
In the Mirror on the Media Advertising research conducted by GL female participants felt that the advert portrays animals as better than women. They felt unappreciated as the message is that an animal is better than a “nagging wife.” They observed that the woman in the advert has a squeaky irritating voice while the man is calm and composed. Male participants had difficulty interpreting the advert at first. They only got the gist of the message after a re-play. They were of the feeling that the advert is gender insensitive as it portrays men as being in command of the universe. They felt that women are portrayed as victims who can be done away with anytime. The men, however, felt that men were also being unfairly stereotyped as not valuing women which they felt is not the case. The advert is a good example of a blatant stereotype of the nagging wife. The language and context of this advertisement is demeaning and humiliating.              
Discussion Questions
1. Is this advert degrading or funny ? 
2. How do the advertisements portray women and men?
3. Who is targeted in this advertisement?  Who is excluded in this advertisement?
How does the advertisement relate to the product?
5. What stereotypes are perpetuated in the advertisement? Are they good for business?
6. What messages does the advert convey about women, men and animals?
Training exercises
1. Find out the viewership of the programme. Is this a strategic advert?
2. Listen to the advert and make a list of voice qualtites – strong, calm,upset etc. Repeat this with a selection of other radio adverts. What kind of voice comes through for different genders?
Additional training resources

Download : BS womananimal sa 0407

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annie godfrey says:

what a wonder full presenter and a wonder full programm o so interesting. we should have a program like this every sunday until year end, then start again.

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