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Date: November 2, 2010
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Download the papers and presentations from the GEM Summit 2010. Click on PDF or PPT to download.

Key Note Presentations PDF Powerpoint
Gender, media, diversity and change: Taking stock, Colleen Lowe Morna, Gender Links PPT
Missing half the story, Journalism as if gender matters, Ammu Joseph, journalist and writer (India) PDF PPT
My story as a gender and media campaigner, Loga Virahsawmy PPT
Who makes the news, GMMP, Lavinia Mohr PPT
Research and Monitoring PDF Powerpoint

Glass Ceilings: Women and men in Southern Africa media, Sikhonzile Ndlovu, Zimbabwe


East Africa perspective of Women in the Media, Lucy Ekadu, International Federation of Journalists, Uganda

Good Practices from a National Broadcaster, Gershon Kamatuka, NBC, Namibia PPT
Career choices of female journalism students at the University of Zambia, Sr Rose Nyondo PDF PPT
Gender and Media Progress Study (GMPS), Sikhonzile Ndlovu, GL PPT

Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP), Lavinia Mohr, WACC

Rethinking gender mainstreaming in the media, lessons from Zimbabwe media coverage of the first six months of the Governmnet of National Unity, Jealousy Mawarire PDF PPT

Incorporating gender at BASE FM, Sandra Williams, BASE FM, Namibia

South African media coverage of gender based violence, Lisa Vetten, Tshwaranang, South Africa PPT
Media regulation and policy PDF Powerpoint

Taking the media to task in Namibia, Bertha Amakali, Namibia

Presenting complaints to regulators, Anushka Virahsawmy Coy, Mauritius PDF PPT
Adovcating for Social Change, Kholu Qhobela, People’s Choice FM, Lesotho PDF
Gender and media training PDF Powerpoint

Gender in Media Education, Kubi Rama, Gender Links, South Africa

UNESCO Journalism Centres of Excellence, Jaco du Toit, Namibia PDF PPT

Gender Based violence entry points in journalism curriulum, Patricia Made

Gender and media literacy, Hary Razafinimpiasa, University Antananarivo, Madagascar PDF PPT
All Women Television Broadcast Crew, Bernadette Killian and Maria Gorethy Charles, Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania PPT
High school teachers and journalism educator’s awareness of gender, Emily Brown, Polytechnic of Namibia PDF PPT

Gender and Elections, Gender Links, Zimbabwe


Echoes project, Ann Suess, Polytechnic of Namibia

Gender, economy and the media training, Saeanna Chingamuka, GL PPT
Business Unusual, Alec Lushaba, Editor, Swaziland PDF PPT
Community and Social Media PDF Powerpoint
Mainstreaming gender into entertainment and participatory community radio, Tonya Graham, Canada PPT

Community Media Trust and the production of A country for my daughter, Lucilla Blankenberg, South Africa

Score a goal for gender equality, Jennifer Elle Lewis, GMDC, United States PPT
Gender and social media in Southern Africa, WomensNet, Getrude Paswarayi, South Africa PPT
Citizen journalism, Adam Mukendi, Citizen Journalism Africa, South Africa PDF PPT
“I” stories, the power of the personal, Deborah Walter, Community Media for Development, Canada PDF PPT

Life lived in limbo, Award entry, Tanya Farber, South Africa

Gender and Media Advocacy PDF Powerpoint
Popularising the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development, Mukayi Makaya, Gender Links, Zimbabwe PPT
Protocol village level workshops, Emma Kaliya, Malawi Gender NGO Coalition, Malawi PDF PPT

Salome Nzuma, SADC HOS 2010, PON Namibia

16 Days of Activism, Loveness Jambaya Nyakujarah, GL PPT
Media Advocacy, Gladness Munuo, GEMSA Tanzania PDF PPT
Gender and media advocacy in SADC, Jennifer Mufune, Network Manager, GEMSA, Namibia PPT

GEMSA Directory of Women Souces, Denisha Seedoyal, MWO GEMSA, Mauritius


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