Prevention – Best practices

Date: April 1, 2011
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Summary of good practise

Boituelo Mogapi, Botswana
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Commemorations around 16 Days Activities have been implemented; this includes the District Launch of 16 Days of Activism, as well as 16 days Drama Competition which raises community awareness around GBV through entertainment.

Peggy Ramaphane, Botswana
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Public education through community dialogues to create awareness through drama facilitation and training

Phenyo Gaotlhobogwe, Botswana

Screening sex workers and conducting peer education workshops for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections STI’s amongst sex workers

Rebecca ‘Mamookho Makhalemele, Lesotho
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Ifo Lapeng Women’s Movement main focus is to conduct periodic visits to rural areas to offer empowerment motivational talks. The organisation also runs a weekly programme at Mo-Africa FM station to educate, debate and spread the message of no violence against women and children

Jagdish Sanhye, Mauritius
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Sensitizing the public on some possible risks being exposed through imprudence and sharing of safety tips.

Marie-Ange Lynda Nanine, Mauritius
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Commitment to empowering women at Local level. Through identifying issues of safety for women and children with reference to residential premises

Stephan Rezannah, Mauritius
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Campaigning through the Media with collaboration of popular male and female artists to make the population aware of the HIV/AIDS issue.

B.V Aibeb, Namibia
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To bring police services closer to the people of Etoshapoort and to facilitate continuous information pertaining law and order and public morality to the community. Violence beign high on the agenda.

Lundi Siwundla, South Africa
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Addressing issues of teenage pregnancy, school violence and school rape of learners by other learners and providing capacity building programmes for prevention.

Mokethi Ranthoko, South Africa
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Deals with issues of ensuring that men are part of the dialogue for gender and equality rights. There are also programmes in place that encourage men to be drivers of change in their communities

Percos Sinkamba, Zambia
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The project was established to empower young deaf youths especially girls with education and sensitisation campaigns on GBV as this group is a marginalized group in society. The campaigns help to sensitise girls on GBV and the dangers of GBV as a way of preventing such occurrences to these young people.

Mvela KaMnisi, South Africa
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This organization deals with The problem of male dominance , men in control of means of production, Culture of silence regarding sex in marriage, were identified through the home visits of our care givers to the homes of our clients and patients (chronic patients).

Bonisile Ntuli, Swaziland
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