Prostitution? also an Asian concern, African Flame

Date: January 1, 1970
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The Mumbai Social Forum has called for the social acceptance of commercial sex work in India.

This article may be used to:
  • Examine the context within which many women become commercial sex workers.
  • Illustrate that similar concerns and issues affect people in other continents, in this case the Asian continent.

Trainer’s notes

Commercial sex workers are often labelled immoral and deviant. The opinion piece places commercial sex work in a context of poverty where women are looking for ways of earning a living. The story is about , a third world country which faces similar conditions relating to poverty and survival as many African countries.
In women who work as commercial sex workers are often harassed by the police, hurt by violent clients and ostracised by their communities. The story develops around a clear human rights argument and the need to advocate for change so commercial sex workers can operate in a safe environment.
The story is gender aware because:
  • The language used is gender neutral.
  • The issue is contextualised.
  • The gender dimensions are clearly analysed.
  • The voices of activists and commercial sex workers are included in the story.
The voices of the police and people from the community are missing from the story.
Training exercises
Exercise one: Read the article and discuss the following:
  1. Is commercial sex work legal in your country? Explain why or why not?
  2. From your experience of media how are sex workers covered?
  3. How is this story different from the coverage you have experienced?
Are there any missing voices in the story that you would add? Why?

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