Annual Report 2008

Annual Report 2008

Date: March 18, 2013
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Chairperson’s report

Partners and Networks

Executive Director’s Report


Gender and the media overview

Gender and media research

Good governance in and through the media

Media Action Plan on HIV and AIDS and Gender

From a dinner party to HIV and AIDS policies

Gender in media training

Write about rights

Gender and Media Diversity Centre

Gender Justice programme

Making dreams come true

Gender and governance

Gender and local government

GL and advisory services

Financial report

Auditor’s report
Assessment of action plan
Workshop report

New publications and products

Click on the attachments below to download different sections. All documents are in PDF format.


Download : 1 Overview
Download : 2 Chairpersons Report
Download : 3 Partners and Networks
Download : 4 Executive Directors Report
Download : 5 IT at GL
Download : 6 Gender and the Media Overview
Download : 8 Good Governance
Download : 9 Media Action Plan
Download : 10 HIV and AIDS policies
Download : 11 Gender in media training
Download : 12 Write about rights
Download : 13 Gender and Media Diversity Centre
Download : 14 Gender Justice programme
Download : 15 Making dreams come true
Download : 16 Gender and governance
Download : 17 Gender and local government
Download : 18 GL and Advisory services
Download : 19 Financial report
Download : 20 Auditors report
Download : 21 Assessment of action plan
Download : 23 New publications and products

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