Daily Newsletter, 10 March 2010, B+10

Date: February 23, 2010
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Funds for women’s rights dry up
As delegates prepare to pack their bags after the 10 year review of the Beijing conference, one of the greatest concerns of those working to advance the rights of women is dwindling resources.

Getting back to work
As the curtain begins to fall over the Beijing +10 review, representatives of women’s organisations worldwide are looking for a way forward that will consolidate their gains even as they seek to conquer new horizons.

US sex work threat
After last week’s rear guard action to stall a US amendment to the draft declaration ruling out the recognition of abortion as a right, the Bush administration has picked a fresh fight at the conference over sex work.

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Getting back to work By Juliana Omale
US sex work threat By Rosemary Okello and Arthur Okwemba
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Girls are easy prey for teachers in schools By Darren Taylor
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Rekindling the flames in Uganda By Sarah Muwanga
Young women and feminism By Shamillah Wilson
Tanzanian men say no to patriarchy By Charles Mustapha Kayoka
Gender at the heart of MDGs By Jane Godia

The passion is gone By Hope Chigudu and Dudziro Nhengu
Editorial: keep the fires of Beijing burning!

“Make IT work for gender justice”

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