GEM Summit Newsletter, 13 October 2010

Date: October 13, 2010
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Taking stock, what does it mean to take stock? This week marks the fourth Gender and Media Summit… Read more
L’accès Á  la téléphonie mobile, Á  l’Internet et aux réseaux sociaux est censé faciliter la… Read more
  Profile of a communication rights activist
Lavinia Mohr is the Deputy General Secretary and the Director of Programmes for the World… Read more
  Harnessing the media during 16 days of activism
The media has been challenged to play a crucial role in educating people on the 16 days of… Read more
  All female TV crew programme boosts gender mainstreaming strategy
Women have taken over the television studio at the University of Dar Es Salaam’s School of… Read more
  Malawi: Media adding value to women’s political battles
The 2009 Malawi election constituted a momentous milestone for the history of women in politics… Read more
  Bringing lesbian issues into gender discussions
Gender issues are complex and culturally sensitive, especially when it comes to sexual orientation. Read more
  Daring to be different: youth and gender awareness in Southern Africa
From this Friday, 15 October, we will officially be in the Decade of African Women. The launch,… Read more
  Lavinia Mohr: «Marginaliser la voix des femmes, c’est attenter Á  la liberté d’expression »
Marginaliser la voix des femmes, c’est porter atteinte Á  la liberté d’expression. Un avis… Read more
  Lucilla Blankenberg: «Les medias communautaires sensibilisent mieux sur les fléaux sociaux »
On a souvent sous-estimé l’importance des médias communautaires. Or, grâce Á  eux et aux… Read more
  Time for journalists to join the party
The launch of the Decade of the African Woman from 2010-2020 happens this Friday in Nairobi as… Read more
Le GMPS est-il le reflet exact de la société et de la presse?
Is media monitoring an accurate representation of what is happening in the media of Southern Africa?
Intégrer le genre dans son travail: une lutte perpetuelle pour la lauréate Bestina Magutu
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