Gender and Elelctions Newsletter – Tanzania elections

Date: March 31, 2015
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Gender, elections and 50/50
Whenever there is an election in the country, be it general or local government elections, women… Read more
Tanzania: Women must believe they can lead!
On 14 December 2014, Tanzanians elected their local government leaders, including street chairs… Read more
Tanzania: New constitution promises gains for women
There is great expectation that Tanzania’s ongoing constitution review process will open up a new… Read more
Tanzania: Equal education for elections
In order to get the best people to lead our communities and develop our areas, pre-election… Read more
Tanzania: Gender and election facts
The country’s national elections will take place later this year (2015)- Tanzania’s last…Read more
Husbands deprive their wives of political rights
‘Politics is a dirty game’ – a well-known saying, that may ring true, but hinders people’s…Read more

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