Gender and Media Baseline Study 2003

Date: May 30, 2005
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Regional Overview of the Gender and Media Baseline Study
This report is the regional overview of the Gender and Media Baseline Study (GMBS). It is complemented by 12 country reports that give additional information about women and men in editorial content in different countries.

The first study to be undertaken in Southern Africa, the GMBS is also the most comprehensive regional study on gender and the media to be undertaken globally. Covering over 25000 news items in September 2002, the report reveals stark findings and challenges. It is a must-read for media practitioners, decision-makers and all those who care about democracy in Southern Africa.

Download the full report and regional reports. All reports are in PDF format

Baseline Study Full Report
Botswana Report
Lesotho Report
Malawi Report
Mauritius Report
Namibia Report
South Africa Report
Tanzania Report
Zambia Report

Zimbabwe Report

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Disappointed trying to download the Gender baseline report for academic purposes and it continuously gives me a “Page not Found” response. I would be very grateful if your organisation could avail this report to me. I need it for teaching purposes for students learning towards a media degree at Midlands State University, Zimbabwe.

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