Gender and Media Baseline Study

Gender and Media Baseline Study

Date: October 8, 2010
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Gender Links in collaboration with MISA, conducted the Gender and Media Baseline Study (GMBS) in 12 SADC countries during September 2002 and published the results in March 2003, creating the most comprehensive such study ever undertaken in the whole world. National studies were later launched in all SADC countries, except Angola and national chapters have since held workshops during which national action plans were made and activities to address the findings identified.

Click below to view the regional overview and the SADC country reports. All reports are in PDF format.

Download : Regional Baseline Study
Download : Botswana Report
Download : Lesotho Report
Download : Malawi Report
Download : Mauritius Report
Download : Namibia Report
Download : South Africa Report
Download : Tanzania Report
Download : Zambia Report

4 thoughts on “Gender and Media Baseline Study”

Glen Swanson says:

I can’t seem to access the links and only plan documents are downloaded.
Would it be possible to request copies of the and the ?
Many thanks, Glen

Glen Swanson says:

Sorry for the blanks gaps in my comment, above.
I was requesting copies so the Regional Baseline Survey and the Malawi Report if possible

Nyamweda says:

Hi the baseline surveys are as above click on the country report to open it . Just tested it on our end.

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