Gender Protocol Summit News, 10 June 2015

Date: June 11, 2015
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This newsletter provides coverage of the SADC Gender Protocol Summits currently underway across the SADC region.       10 June 2015

Tanzania: Media urged to reach at remote areas
Dar es Salaam, 10 June: The journalists in the country have been requested to expand their… Read more
Lesotho: Gender Summit drives the message home
Maseru, 10 June: The third annual SADC Gender Protocol@Work Summit started yesterday at the… Read more
Tanzania: Early pregnancies threaten girls’ education
Dar es Salaam: 10 June: As Tanzania continues with the countdown to the expiry of the Millennium… Read more
Lesotho: Gender champions go head-to-head
Maseru, 10 June: The Lesotho Gender Protocol@Work Summit kicked off yesterday and participants… Read more
Lesotho: Third highest prevalence of intimate partner violence
Maseru, 10 June: Lesotho continues to fight against widespread gender based violence (GBV), and… Read more
Tanzania: Call for strengthened efforts to achieve gender equality
Dar es Salaam, 10 June: Delegates at the third Tanzania SADC Gender Summit have noted that while… Read more

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