Gender Protocol Summit News, 4 June 2015

Date: June 5, 2015
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This newsletter provides coverage of the SADC Gender Protocol Summits currently underway across the SADC region.                 4 June 2015

Zambia: Rewarding drivers of change
Lusaka, 4 June: The SADC GenderProtocol@Work Summit came to an end on 28 May, 2015 with 15…Read more
Zambia: A survivor’s surviving business
Lusaka, 4 June: Very often when GenderBased Violence (GBV) survivors shy away from the public… Read more
Zambia: Women’s voices crucial for democracy
Lusaka, 4 June: GenderLinks Zambia board member, Sara Longwe has observed that there cannot be… Read more
Zambia: Summit vox pops
Lusaka, 4 June: The Cresta Golf View hotel was abuzz on 28 and 29 May as Zambia joined other… Read more
Zambia: Zambia still committed to women empowerment
Lusaka, 4 June: The Zambian government is concerned that discrimination against women still… Read more
Zambia: Summit highlights gender imbalance in government
Lusaka, 4 June: Speaking at the SADCGender Protocol@Work Summit in Zambia last week, Women in… Read more

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