GJLG Summit News, 24 April 2012

Date: April 25, 2012
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Young women must claim their space in politics
Politics and decision-making in Africa is largely dominated by men and young women are yet to… Read more
Women pushed into “tight corner” by climate change
Women are likely to bear the heaviest brunt of the impacts of climate change due to their… Read more
Gender and local government summit goes green
When the 280 participants entered the plenary session of the third annual Gender Justice and… Read more
Male involvement in HIV initiatives still low
The non-involvement of men in HIV and AIDS initiatives in the region is one of the impediments to… Read more
Gender and local government summits provide a learning journey for participants
The annual Gender Justice and Local Government Summit continues to grow from strength to… Read more
Women ready to take up leadership roles in Lesotho
While women remain close to parity with 49.1% representation in local councils, the upcoming… Read more
All in a day’s work
When Sgogodela Babadu arrives to work each morning, she is ready to face a throng of 250 to 300… Read more
Quand le client est roi
La Kopanong Hotel & Conference Centre, située Á  Benoni, Johannesburg, accueille tout le long de… Read more
Dancing and singing for gender justice
Participants to the third annual Gender Justice and Local Government Summit kicked up their heels… Read more
Swazi women plan to document ‘herstory’
Gaining confidence from their participation in capacity building programmes rolled out in their… Read more
From the summit
What would you like to see included in the SADC Gender protocol addendum on climate change? We… Read more
Shyamla Randalal
I was one of very few women to sit on our District Council. Unfortunately my mandate was only for… Read more
Esther Garoes
Gender Links has been an eye opener our communities. People have been ignorant of their rights…. Read more
Satyam Chummun
The role of a priest or priestess is not only to pray, celebrate weddings, or have prayers for… Read more
Rozy Khedoo
My position as a Councillor has made me understand the suffering of so many vulnerable women, and… Read more
Ellie Nowases
The greatest thing that I have encountered since becoming involved with Gender Links work is to… Read more
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