GJLG Summit News, 25 April 2012

Date: April 28, 2012
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Time for an addendum on gender and climate change!
Johannesburg: 26 April À“ Participants to the 2012 Gender Justice and Local Government Summit… Read more
Gender Links affirms the work of local government stakeholders
The third Gender Justice and Local Government summit closed in Johannesburg on 25 April 2012 with… Read more
The time is now for the inclusion of climate change in the SADC Gender Protocol
Participants to the third annual Gender Justice and Local Government summit signed a petition… Read more
Gender and Media Diversity Journal Launched
The recently launched Gender and Media Diversity (GMDC) Journal on Gender, Popular Culture and… Read more
Summit is a training ground for gender mainstreaming and ending GBV
Participants at the just ended Gender Justice and Local Government summit have described this… Read more
Call for Mauritian women to participate in politics
Mauritians at the just ended Third Gender Justice and Local Government Summit have called for the… Read more
Gender mainstreaming or malestreaming?
Participants at a Gender and Media Diversity (GMDC) seminar on Mainstreaming or malestreaming:… Read more
Joining the IT super highway
The main conference hall turned into a computer jamboree on the last day of the Third Gender… Read more
Walking the green talk
In a symbolic action of solidarity with the campaign for climate change justice in the Southern… Read more
The world we want to see by 2015
Participants welcomed the inclusion of the memory boxes and the issue of the environment and… Read more
What were the main highlights from the 2012 summit?
We caught up with seven summit participants and this is what they had to say (Note that this is… Read more
Peggy Ramaphane
Gender based violence will be a hard battle to overcome, since our culture is one of the major… Read more
Bamini Kheta
The more we work with women the more we know about the different forms of violence. There are… Read more
Zubeida Raphael
Women and men must work hard to see that GBV is ended, in order for us to have a happy and… Read more
Dineo Segobai
My first encounter with Gender Links was in 2010 when we were handling a passion killing case… Read more
Victoria Emma Naoxas
I am an entrepreneur from Arandis; I own a cleaning company. I broke into the business world to… Read more
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