Phenomenal Women Newsletter, 30 August 2013

Date: August 30, 2013
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South Africa: For an inclusive Women’s Month
Johannesburg, 30 August: Women’s month officially ends tomorrow, yet as I look back on August,… Read more
South Africa: A pillar of strength
Cape Town, 30 August: As a young girl, my mother was already building her inner pillar of… Read more
Botswana: Women wearing trousers denied access to Police Post
Gaborone, 30 August: Bokaa is a village located approximately 50 kilometres from Botswana’s… Read more
Lesotho: Victorious she remains
Maseru, 23 August: Every day, we marvel at women’s power, we marvel at how they seem to endure… Read more
Faraja Zawadi : quand l’exclusion devient force
Moqueries, injures, menaces de mort, étonnement et très peu d’admiration, c’était le lot… Read more
Margueritte Rasoanindriana a fait de l’éducation parentale sa spécialité
Margueritte Rasoanindriana, conseillère pédagogique Á  la retraite, ne chôme pas. Malgré son… Read more

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