Roadmap to Equality, 22 August 2014

Date: August 23, 2014
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As South Africa commemorates Women’s Month, GLNS brings you stories from the region that celebrate women and advance the struggle for gender equality.

Southern Africa: Gender violence still hinders women’s freedom
Johannesburg, 22 August: It seems incongruous that we celebrate Women’s Month, yet stories of… Read more
Anny Mandungu : pour l’amour de la nature
Gender Links a inscrit Á  son agenda l’intégration de la question du « changement climatique… Read more
Le réveil économique des femmes n’a pas encore sonné en Afrique australe
Johannesburg, 22 aoÁ»t: Les commémorations du mois des femmes en Afrique du sud ont eu un effet… Read more
Mauritius: From academia to politics
Port Louis, 22 August: From university scholar to activist, and from lecturer to politician,… Read more
Zambia: I struggled to find happiness in my life
My name is Moira Namumba I was born in 1977 and raised in a loving family. I did my primary… Read more
South Africa: Mother of the community and driver of change
Limpopo, 22 August: “I am walking tall as a woman leader, fighting for the survival of the… Read more

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