Roadmap to Equality, August 2013

Date: August 20, 2013
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This newsletter is a compilation of stories that cover the parallel sessions and events ahead of the SADC Heads of State Summit, which saw all SADC governments convene in Lilongwe, Malawi. These stories were amongst a number of pieces published in an eight page supplement, carried by the Nation Publications newspaper on Saturday 17 August, the first day of the Summit.
Activists call on President Banda to drive gender equality
The Southern African Gender Protocol Alliance has called on President Joyce Banda, the only woman… Read more
Efforts to curb climate change must include women
Wilson Millanzi, a family man who does business at Golomoti Trading Centre in Dedza explains that… Read more
Activists urge Malawi to empower women in local government
At a SADC Council for NGOs meeting, regional delegates and gender activists have called on… Read more
Gender equality is a priority
In her keynote address at the opening of the African Union gender meeting on Wednesday, Christine… Read more
Translation of legislation will empower women
For local business woman Tamara Chimtenje, gender equality efforts are only benefiting men and… Read more
Malawi ratifies the SADC Gender Protocol
The SADC Protocol on Gender and Development has now come into force in Malawi following President… Read more
Polygamy continues to disempower women
In tattered clothes, with a festering wound on her neck, Maria Daidi balances a bag of charcoal… Read more
Sex workers want protection
The SADC Heads of State Summit means big business for Ani*, a sex worker who serves at least… Read more
Transforming police services to support women
Pushpa Jamieson, journalist, media trainer and gender activist recounts walking down the… Read more

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