SADC Gender Mainstreaming Resource Kit

SADC Gender Mainstreaming Resource Kit

Date: August 7, 2009
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Gender mainstreaming is a comprehensive strategy aimed at achieving greater gender equality. Institutionally this implies integrating a gender perspective in projects and policies, as well as addressing gender equality issues in the corporate environment, through ensuring that the working environment is gender responsive, and guaranteeing equal opportunities and treatment to both women and men.

This Gender Mainstreaming Resource Kit (Resource Kit) aims to make gender mainstreaming the centrepiece of organisational practice in the SADC Secretariat. It has been aptly pointed out that gender mainstreaming “is not a fad or a fancy piece of development jargon. The rights, livelihoods, well being, and the very lives of people are at stakeÀ (UNDP RBEC 2007:19). This reinforces the fact that gender mainstreaming is recognised as a concrete way of bringing real change and benefits to the lives of women, men, girls and boys.

Download : SADCGMT PT4 Glossary
Download : SADCGMT PT2 chap9
Download : SADCGMT PT2 chap10
Download : SADCGMT PT2 chap11
Download : SADCGMT PT2 chap12
Download : SADCGMT PT3
Download : SADCGMT PT2 chap7
Download : SADCGMT PT2 chap6
Download : SADCGMT PT1 Contents Overview
Download : SADCGMT PT1 chap1
Download : SADCGMT PT1 chap2
Download : SADCGMT PT1 chap3
Download : SADCGMT PT1 chap4
Download : SADCGMT PT1 chap5
Download : SADCGMT PT2 chap8

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