Score a Goal for Gender Equality! radio features

Score a Goal for Gender Equality! radio features

Date: October 12, 2010
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The FIFA Soccer 2010 World Cup is just around the corner, and women’s voices and gender perspectives are still mostly missing form the dialogue. As part of the campaign to encourage people to “Score a Goal for Gender Equality,” this series of radio features has been produced to get people thinking and talking about 2010 with gender in mind. Created with the assistance of CMFD Productions, the series includes interviews with media and gender activists from all over Southern Africa, recorded on site at the December 2009 launch of the Score a Goal campaign.

Informal Trade and Economic Opportunities – The World Cup will have a significant economic impact on the region. Incoming visitors will need food, accommodation, and transport. They will want to ‘experience Africa’. And Africans across Southern Africa are rising to the occasion. But who is actually benefiting?

Women and Sport – Matshidiso Mofokeng plays for Chosen Few, a women’s soccer team based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her role model is Banyana Banyana all-time leading goal scorer Portia Modise. She dreams to one day play in the World Cup.

Human Trafficking – The FIFA World Cup is nearly upon us. Opportunities to profit from the event are almost endless. For some, however, this profit will be made at the expense of others – in particular women and children.

Sex Work – Woza 2010! Africa’s year. The continent is gearing up for one of the most prestigious sporting events – the FIFA World Cup. Southern African countries have been getting ready to host teams and tourists. A hot topic in the host country, South Africa, has been the issue of sex work.

Gender, Sport, and Media – Soccer fever has taken over Southern Africa. With the approach of the FIFA World Cup, the media is awash with 2010 stories. Unfortunately, most of them are asking the same questions. Coverage of the World Cup has so far focused mainly on stadia, soccer bosses and ticket sales.

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