Summit News 2 May 2014

Date: May 4, 2014
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This newsletter provides coverage of the SADC Gender Protocol Summits currently underway across the SADC region.

Tanzania: Media urged to be agents of change
The second Tanzania SADC Protocol@Work Summit came to a close on 28 May with a colourful award… Read more
Zambia: Accelerating women’s economic empowerment
Eight gender based violence (GBV) survivors have hailed the Gender Links entrepreneurship and… Read more
Mozambique: Women call for a stronger post 2015 agenda
Participants at the two-day second SADC Protocol@Work Summit Mozambique have unanimously called… Read more
Malawi: May 20 elections, 50% women’s representation!
The NGO Gender Coordination Network, United Nations and the Malawi government have called upon… Read more
Moçambique: A mulher tem o direito de votar e o poder é dos homens
Arrancou esta segunda-feira em Maputo, a II ª Cimeira do Protocolo da SADC sobre o género e… Read more
Southern Africa: Comments from drivers of change
Following the three SADC Gender Protocol@Work Summits that took place this week in Malawi,… Read more
Moçambique: Campanha 50/50 oficialmente lançada
Foi lançada esta terça-feira em Maputo, a campanha 50/50 que visa assegurar a igualdade de… Read more
Tanzania: Gender equality for social justice
Dar es Salaam, 2 May: At the opening of the SADC Gender Protocol@Work Summit at New Africa Hotel… Read more
Malawi: Gender equality is possible
Malawi women continue to be exposed to gender inequality in all settings despite numerous… Read more
Moçambique: Um olhar sobre a 2 ª Cimeira Nacional sobre Género e Desenvolvimento
A Cidade de Maputo acolheu de 28 a 29 de Abril corrente a 2 ª Cimeira Nacional sobre Género e… Read more
Moçambique: Lançada em Maputo “campanha 50/50” sobre igualdade do género
A Genderlinks lançou esta terça-feira em Maputo a campanha 50/50 que preconiza a… Read more
Malawi: Sexism is unacceptable
Lilongwe, 2 May: In this interview, Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Gender, Children and… Read more

Gender Links, the Southern African Gender Protocol Alliance, local government associations, and the Gender and Media Diversity Centre will host the Southern Africa Gender Protocol Summits to gather evidence of the SADC Gender Protocol@Work. With the strapline “50/50 by 2015 and a strong post 2015 agenda”, the initiative, that has the support from the SADC Gender Unit, will also make a concerted call for increasing the momentum on implementation in the run up to 2015. National summits are currently underway across SADC and the regiononal will take place on 25 May in Johannesburg, South Africa.
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